• Some “significant” statistics: Kokocinski is the 62,772nd most popular last name (surname) in the United States [CBN].
  • The German phone book lists about 42 entries (www.teleauskunft.de), an US-american lists 52 (www.infospace.com) and every once in awhile other Kokocinskis from Germany, France, Poland and the United States run into these pages…
  • The 1930s US census lists more than 200 entries
  • The web page “HowManyOfMe” currently states, that there are over 150 people in the U.S. with the last name Kokocinski.
  • Phonetics: Looking at the ending, the name sounds like a typical name from the polish area – but apparently there is no clear meaning
    ko-ko – that’s a sound a hen makes (in Poland)
    kokoszka – a sitting hen, which just laid an egg
    kokoszyc – to boss (with a bit of a negative meaning)
Popular depiction of Kokopelli
  • And then there is Kokopelli, a religious figure of the native Americans in the southwest of North America: Here koko means wood and pilau stands for hump the stories of the Anasazi describe him as a hunchbacked wandering god of fertility and joy, bringing springtime into the lands and playing cheerful music.