Databases for Molecular Biology

It has been estimated that the amount of information in the world doubles every 20 months and the size and number of databases are increasing even faster. [1]

The growth statistics of the largest public databases:


Source: GenomeNet, Kyoto University

Most important public databases for molecular biology

Primary Sequence DBs

(collaborative project with data exchange)

  • DDBJ (DNA DataBase of Japan)
  • EMBL Nucleotide DB (European Molecular Biology Laboratory )
  • GenBank (National Center for Biotechnology Information)


  • Entrez Gene Unified retrival of gene-centred information (NCBI)
  • euGenes Assembled information on eukaryotic genomes (Univ. of Indiana)
  • GeneCards (Weizmann Inst.)
  • GenLoc / UDB (Weizmann Inst.)
  • SOURCE (Univ. of Stanford)
  • LocusLink (National Center for Biotechnology Information)

Genome Annotation Systems

Specialized DBs


Sources and more links

[1] Weizmann institute of Science
[2] George Mason university: Links and introduction