It has been estimated that the amount of information in the world doubles every 20 months and the size and number of databases are increasing even faster. [1]

The growth statistics of the largest public databases:


Source: GenomeNet, Kyoto University

Most important public databases for molecular biology

Primary Sequence DBs

(collaborative project with data exchange)

  • DDBJ (DNA DataBase of Japan)
  • EMBL Nucleotide DB (European Molecular Biology Laboratory )
  • GenBank (National Center for Biotechnology Information)


  • Entrez Gene Unified retrival of gene-centred information (NCBI)
  • euGenes Assembled information on eukaryotic genomes (Univ. of Indiana)
  • GeneCards (Weizmann Inst.)
  • GenLoc / UDB (Weizmann Inst.)
  • SOURCE (Univ. of Stanford)
  • LocusLink (National Center for Biotechnology Information)

Genome Annotation Systems

Specialized DBs


Sources and more links

[1] Weizmann institute of Science
[2] George Mason university: Links and introduction